3D Papercraft Cow Template, Origami Cow, Downloadable PDF File with Detailed Instruction




Build your own paper farmhouse with qollorette paper building kit. Begin with a 3D paper model of a lovely cow and continue with other animal cardboard crafts found on the qollorette store.


The paper building kit of this model is rather complex as it contains 9 pages filled with detailed cow’s pieces that should be placed together. The set should interest teenagers and adults with attention to detail and deep focus.


WHAT IS INCLUDED. A single zip folder contains:

  • PDF template ( 9 pages of plain, uncolored parts)
  • PDF file of detailed instructions


THE MEASUREMENTS OF THE SET. Based on the complexity of the paper building kit there is a variety in sizes of paper sculptures.


  • Height 12.2 inches (310 mm)
  • Length 17.3 inches ( 440 mm)
  • Width 4.3 inches ( 110 mm)


PREPARATION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION. To begin the construction process you only need to have a few craft tools that are found in most households.


  • 140/120gsm (depending on your printer) craft paper
  • Ruler, scissors, and a knife
  • A printer that will allow you to print out the details
  • High-tack double-sided sticky tape or PVA glue


GET IT STARTED. Once the payment for the paper building kit is confirmed, you will receive the PDF airplane kit with detailed instructions. Once you have it – you are ready to enter the qollorette papercraft world!


EDUCATIONAL. This papercraft kit is not just another game that will keep you or your family entertained. The 3D papercraft is a great way to boost your own or your children’s fine monitor skills, develop imagination, spatial awareness of objects, attention to detail, focus, and creativity. In fact, cardboard crafts are rated to be among the best educational crafts for teens.


GATHERS THE FAMILY TOGETHER. The 3D paper craft set is a great game served for both art and crafts for kids ages 8-12 and adult craft kits as it covers a wide range of age groups. Adults find it to be both entertaining and relaxing activity after work, parents can enjoy having an inspiring set of educational toys for kids, while children enjoy having an authentic paper toy to play with once the construction project is complete. Kids building projects are the most appreciated and memorable when the activity is shared together as a family.


THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR YOUR CHILD. Building kits for kids are rated to be among the best educational and entertaining presents for children. Kids’ activities are the most impactful when they are both fun and educational. Such paper toys for kids are more enjoyed and appreciated since the authentic cardboard toy is being constructed by your child on his own or together with a family.


QUICK & EASY TO PURCHASE. The greatest part of this paper building kit is once you choose the preferred model – you can have the paper craft 3D set ready within minutes. Once the 3D paper model is purchased, you simply need to print it out, cut the details following the concrete instructions, fold it, glue it and appreciate the amusing 3D paper sculpture built by your bare hands and creative mind. Building your own papercraft world with qollorette cardboard crafts has never been that quick & easy as now!


AUTHENTIC HOUSE DECORATION. Aesthetic paper sculptures are among the most unique decorations for home. In general, the papercraft world shares the beauty of elegance, fragility, and persistence. Keeping in mind that the 3D paper sculpture is built by your own persistence and imagination, it will serve as a precious and personal decoration of your home interior.


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