"Amusement Park" Coloring Roll including Pencils, Crayons, Stickers and Tattoos


GREAT FOR ARTISTIC AND CREATIVE PLAY – Can be used by one child or a group of children together in the kindergarten or party.
EASY TO USE – It is easy to roll out and then roll back inside the colouring wallpaper box. The clean up is quick and the storage of this colouring set is neat and easy.
FUN ACTIVITY EVERYWHERE – This set is comfortable to take anywhere with you. The size is perfect to take with you for artistic time away from home in the park or picnic.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED – This set includes all that your kid will need to enjoy colouring. This set consists of the huge colouring wallpaper, 12 wooden colouring pencils with a sharpener, 8 wax crayons. 25 stickers and 10 free tattoos. And a box to put them all!
FUN AND ENGAGING – We added 25 stickers as a gift. So kids can stick them and colour them on the colouring paper roll.
GIFT INCLUDED – Every kid loves tattoos. So we added fun looking tattoos to this colouring set to arouse the curiosity of a child.

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Unique colouring set for kids is ready to be taken to action. Set is equiped with all necessary items – huge 480 cm / 188 inch long colouring wallpaper with amusement park details, colouring pencils with a pencil sharpener and coloring wax crayons. In this set there are included 12 thick and sturdy wooden colouring pencils and 8 thick natural wax crayons that are comfortable for little hands.


This colouring roll for kids is unique and easy to use because it is made out of a sticky paper that sticks to any even surface just like Post it notes. Comfortable to use for children of any age and in almost any surroundings. It can be used at home or taken away on trips.


Children love colouring and drawing and this is a fun activity that encourages creativity. Children can both draw and colour cute pictures on the roll. Big size colouring paper can be enjoyed by one or several children at a time and develop their socializing skills. Great idea to occupy children!


Which kid doesn’t like stickers! It is fun activity for any age. We inluded 25 different stickers. Each is 5cm size. Some of the stickers can be coloured. Sticking stickers is very engaging task so you can be sure that your child will enjoy it very much. These stickers come with images of animals so children can learn how these animals looks like.


We know how kids love tattoos and stickers and that is why they come as a fun gift here. Not every colouring set includes tattoos or stickers. We wanted to make this colouring experience super fun and engaging. Kids can learn how to make a tattoo at home and show it to their friends.


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2 reviews for “Amusement Park” Coloring Roll including Pencils, Crayons, Stickers and Tattoos

  1. Sarah

    This roll of colouring is huge! I think it is a bit expensive but, it is taking days to complete and is good quality. Plus, it has all the colouring bits you need so it’s all self-contained. On this basis, I think this is a good item for a holiday when weather keeps you inside.

    I was pleased to see there was minimal plastic packaging with this product. The pencil pot has a built-in sharpener on the lid so do be careful with small hands and the sharpening blade. Although you can use your own colours, I was surprised by how my children were happy to use the supplied pencils and crayons; there is enough colour range to satisfy.

    Marvellously, the design is not repeated at all. I like the large amusement park scene and there is plenty to keep children occupied. The supplied stickers are meant to be placed in the dotted circles and give some inspiration for colouring. The paper is thick and it is sticky on the reverse. Firstly, this means it could be mounted straight to the wall (if you are feeling brave enough). Secondly, however, it did make this roll very difficult to roll up again when you want to put it away. I found this stickiness more of a hindrance than a help.

    My children have loved this half term project so I think this makes it more value for money. I would have preferred the transfer tattoos to have not been included, but this is just a personal preference. Overall, this is good quality, has not ripped and has proven popular with my colouring-mad children. I think if the reverse had a film to remove and make it sticky by choice, this would have made the roll perfect.

  2. Bob

    Because this set is so large, you can have two or more children colouring at the same time if your table is large enough for them to get round it; you could even put it on to a hardwood floor so that even more could participate, even adults.

    It comes with everything you need: pencils, a sharpener built into the top of the cardboard tube, another cardboard tube of crayons, 25 different animal stickers, a sheet of seven temporary tattoos, a small magic sponge for erasing and of course the roll of paper.

    The quality of the paper is reasonable, and it is very, very long. It is not too wide, just under 30cm. It is slightly better to use some Blu Tack or something similar to hold the paper in place on the table to stop it moving about, so that you can work on smaller segments and then roll the paper it back up when you have finished with it for the time being. The box is large enough to slip the paper back in easily.

    Excellent product for hours of bonding time, or just to while away the hours on a cold miserable wet day. A bit expensive, but worth it.

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