3D Papercraft Airplane Template, Origami Airplane, Downloadable PDF File with Detailed Instruction




Did you know that model airplanes kits to build for kids are one of the most impactful methods to get your child interested in aviation? Simply by building a plane model out of craft paper, you and your child can understand way more about the design and spatial constructions of planes.


The airplane  3D paper model comes out with detailed instructions and clear visualizations that will help imagine the results of the final project. All airplane 3D paper sculpture details are marked by numbers for your own convenience which makes it easy to understand which details fit together.


WHAT IS INCLUDED. A single zip folder contains:

  • PDF template ( 5 pages of plain, uncolored parts)
  • PDF file of detailed instructions


THE MEASUREMENTS OF THE SET. Based on the complexity of the paper building kit there is a variety in sizes of paper sculptures.


  • Height 2.5 inches (65 mm)
  • Length 11.8 inches (300 mm)
  • Width 12.9 inches (330 mm)


PREPARATION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION. To begin the construction process you only need to have a few craft tools that are found in most households.


  • 140/120gsm (depending on your printer) craft paper
  • Ruler, scissors, and a knife
  • A printer that will allow you to print out the details
  • High-tack double-sided sticky tape or PVA glue


GET IT STARTED. Once the payment for the paper building kit is confirmed, you will receive the PDF airplane kit with detailed instructions. Once you have it – you are ready to enter the qollorette papercraft world!

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  • BRAIN BUILDING GAME. Plane papercraft kit is not just another game to play for your little ones and your family. In order to assemble the 3D papercraft smoothly, you will need your motor skills, creativity and preciseness, to cut and to glue the pieces neatly. 3D papercraft is a boosting way to stimulate imagination, attention to detail, spatial awareness and focus. Cardboard crafts are rated to be among the best educational crafts for kids and teens.
  • GIFT CHOICE. Gifting educating and skill boosting toy can be a noteworthy choice, considering that many toys are lowering children’s creative limits and critical thinking skills. Let’s keep in mind, that building a paper plane yourself can boost your knowledge about planes themselves, as well as many other spheres. Integrating focus, thoroughness and artistry when playing can become significant activity for kids and teens to experience, and what’s the better way to achieve this if not presents?
  • NATURE-FRIENDLY TOY. Keeping in mind, that the 3D model is printed at home and assembled with found-at-home tools, we escaped the unnecessary packaging to achieve the best results when trying to keep up with our planet. In the final papercraft sculpture result, no plastic or gum details are needed to fully enjoy your paper toy.
  • Building kits for kids are not only entertaining during the construction process, but the 3D paper airplane craft can become a playable toy once it’s collected. Even though it can be a little more fragile than your usual plushies, it sure is fun to assemble your own papercraft world at home! If you are picky about paper building kit sizing- 3D airplane is 2.5 x 11.8 x 12.9 inches in measurements. Other than that, we have many other building kits for your little ones to choose from.
  • AN ACTIVITY, A TOY AND A DECORATION. A 3D paper sculpture can become an authentic detail to your home- it’s light, it can be color-coordinated by taste and it sure is unique, keeping in mind it’s made by your own bare hands and artistry. This way, 3D airplane model will keep the fun memories of assembly and the playing within itself, while serving as a handmade décor piece at home.


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