3D Wooden Puzzle, DIY Wood Craft Games, Brain Teaser Construction Toys For Adults, Teens, Retro Car And Gas Station - Engineering Art Set


BRAIN-BUILDING GAME. qollorete 3D wooden puzzle is the best brain-stimulating game you could get either for your teenager kid or yourself. The detailed car model can be a great brain teaser for the whole family as it boosts creative thinking, motor skills, deepen social relationship skills, teaches the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Such DIY kits are one of the most effective learning games for both adults and teenagers.

DESIGNED FOR ALL AGE GROUPS. Do not think of this model car kit as a children’s toy. The complexity of this engineering kit enhances the comprehension of dimensional structures that is an important part of the impersonal growth of both adults and teens. This set can undoubtedly be rated as one of the most exciting hobby kits for adults. The craft kit contains a number of small pieces that require precision and critical thinking in order to place them all together into one artful piece.

AESTHETIC HOME DECORATION. There is no better feeling than the pride you feel admiring the masterpiece you made with your bare hands. Thus, this can be assigned to be not only among the most entertaining crafts for adults but an aesthetic home decoration for your house. Once the 3-dimensional structure is complete, it can be placed on any surface in the house to complement the home interior and tell the story of your personal accomplishments.

EVERY DETAIL CONSIDERED. We consider every significant detail to make the construction process as smooth as possible. For this reason, the engineering kit consists of detailed instructions that allow you to understand and follow the construction process smoothly and easily. The craft kit is issued the certification for meeting quality standards making it safe to use. The best part – the construction process of the model car kit will not end up making a mess in your home as it requires no gluing for sticking the wooden pieces together.

THE ECO-FRIENDLY GAME THAT LASTS. Have fun and contribute to the well-being of your environment. The wooden puzzle is made of high-quality materials that are eco-friendly and will not pollute the environment once the set is decomposed. Purchasing such a sustainable model car kit can teach your children to understand the importance of making conscious decisions while shopping.

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Wood toys do not only boost and improve your skills but create great memories and the feeling of belonging. Wooden cars sets are usually complex in their engineering and require not two but four or even more attentive eyes. As a craft kit toy, wooden puzzles gather adult or even a child to collaborate and share the experience together in order to create a collective masterpiece. This can turn out to be among the best family games you have in your house for any occasion.


The car model can be used as engaging crafts for adults’ or kids’ toys. The complexity of the craft kit that consists of tiny wooden pieces is adaptable for all age groups – from teenagers to seniors.


Wooden cars engineering kit won’t just inspire you to create and use the powers of your imagination but will serve as a great house decoration. The built car model can complement your home decor that contains wooden details or warm color patterns.


The engineering kit is an exciting brain teaser for the whole family. Family games will no longer be dull and predictable. Friends puzzle or family learning game – you choose, as the set fulfills the expectations of all age groups.


The model car kit is made of sustainable high-quality materials that can be easily composed after the craft kit is no longer in use. The wooden puzzle consists of solely wooden materials with no added metal or plastic parts that are usually complex to recycle. The box is made of cardboard which makes it easy to throw out and recycle once the model car kit is taken out.

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