3D Papercraft Airplane Adult Craft Kit DYI, Construction Set for Teens, Plane Paper Craft Sculpture



Model airplanes kits to build for kids are one of the most impactful methods to get your child interested in aviation. By building a plane model out of craft paper, adding your creative skills and preciseness will not only boost their basic and creative skills, but broaden the knowledge of planes ant their construction bases.


The 3D paper model is built for your little one to be able to collect it easily- the parts are numbered for a smooth assembly process, and everything that comes after the collecting is left for your little ones’ artistry to shine.


The 3D airplane sculpture will not only serve as an entertaining activity and a toy, but as a heart-warming interior detail, that will remind you of your achievements.


This cardboard craft can become an educating toy for kids- it’s a brain teasing activity, a source of entertainment and a playable handmade toy, and it all adds up to a great gift for your little ones.


3D papercraft world element as an airplane model is packed in a box, where every necessary tool is included.

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BRAIN BUILDING GAME. Plane papercraft kit is not just another game to play for your little ones and your family. In order to assemble the 3D papercraft smoothly, you will need your motor skills, creativity and preciseness, to cut and to glue the pieces neatly. 3D papercraft is a boosting way to stimulate imagination, attention to detail, spatial awareness and focus. Cardboard crafts are rated to be among the best educational crafts for kids and teens.
GIFT CHOICE. Gifting educating and skill boosting toy can be a noteworthy choice, considering that many toys are lowering children’s creative limits and critical thinking skills. Let’s keep in mind, that building a paper plane yourself can boost your knowledge about planes themselves, as well as many other spheres. Integrating focus, thoroughness and artistry when playing can become significant activity for kids and teens to experience, and what’s the better way to achieve this if not presents?
EVERY TOOL INCLUDED. To make the assembly process as smooth as possible, our plane puzzle kit has every necessary tool included: a silicone mat, glue brush with a glue plate, and glue itself, as well as a ruler and a pair of tweezers. In the final plane puzzle result, no plastic or gum details are needed to fully enjoy your paper toy.
VERSATILITY. Building kits for kids are not only entertaining during the construction process, but the 3D paper airplane craft can become a playable toy once it’s collected. Even though it can be a little more fragile than your usual plushies, it sure is fun to assemble your own papercraft world at home! If you are picky about paper building kit sizing- 3D airplane is 2.5 x 11.8 x 12.9 inches in measurements. Other than that, we have many other building kits for your little ones to choose from.
AN ACTIVITY, A TOY AND A DECORATION. A 3D paper sculpture can become an authentic detail to your home- it’s light, it can be color-coordinated by taste and it sure is unique, keeping in mind it’s made by your own bare hands and artistry. This way, 3D airplane model will keep the fun memories of assembly and the playing within itself, while serving as a handmade décor piece at home.


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