Felt Sewing Kit Kitty for Kids - Sew & Dress your Kitty Friend


Best crafts for kids. This sewing kit for kids is a great learning game for children. The mini sewing kit has all the necessary tools to teach a child precision and develop an eye for details. This set teaches that sewing is a practical skill that is extremely beneficial to have in the future – either for fixing the clothing or expressing creativity and even building a career out of it.


Make your own animal. Store toys are great, but the hand-made ones are priceless. This ‘make a stuffed animal kit’ enables your child to create an animal of his/her imagination. Why the bear cannot wear a skirt? Dress? Green scarf? There is only one rule of this stuffed animal maker kit – there are no boundaries for your child’s imagination.


Raise a creator. A sewing kit for kids is the best method to use if you want to raise a little Picasso. The kids’ sewing kit contains all the necessary tools that let your child express his/her emotional world and creative thoughts through kids’ crafts. The stuffed animal maker kit contains an extensive variety of accessories, colors, tools, felt animal shapes and freedom to create the stuffed toy of your child’s wildest imagination.


Create the most memorable decorations in your house. Which parent would not agree with the idea that kids’ crafts are the best decoration of a loving family home? There is nothing more precious and heart-touching than seeing the creations of your little masterpiece. This sewing kit allows your child to create memories that will gratify you for a lifetime, long after your children are grown. Purchase a sewing kit for kids to create long-lasting memories.

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MAKE YOUR OWN STUFFED ANIMAL. If your child is already bored of all his/her toys, we have a great idea for you! With these kids sewing crafts they can make a brand new stuffed toy in the house with their own bare hands. The craft kits with felt let your child decide what toy he/she wants to play with – what is the color, shape, size, clothes the toy wears. Felt animal shapes helps create a lovely toy that is unique and fully based on your child’s personal desires.


LET’S LEARN HOW TO SEW! If you want to teach how to sew for kids, begin with something entertaining and involving both for you and the children. By enabling your child to create a toy that he/she will be playing with afterwards, you enforce them to be more involved in the sewing process and the final result. The sewing kits for kids contain all the tools that are needed for a beginner learning process of sewing: 2 needles, fabric and threads.


BOOST YOUR CHILD’S MOTOR SKILLS. All kids sewing crafts requires precision and gentle hands movements in order to make a masterpiece. Such sewing kits are great developers of child’s fine motor skills as the process require holding and using tiny tools, moving the hand gently and with sharp focus. Sewing kits for kids can be one of the best learning games in early childhood.


50 ACCESSORIES IN THE MINI SEWING KIT. The sewing kit for kids contains a great variety of tools that are required to sew your own stuffed animal. It contains 50 sewing accessories in total that are beautiful beads, lovely sweaters and dresses, fashionable little bags, sewing tools, felt animal shapes and precious textile materials. Such extensive variety of tools of the sewing kit will allow your child to create several unique toys to play with.


YOUR CHILD MOST APPRECIATED TOY. There is nothing more appreciated in this world than the precious art work of your own hands. Teach your child to appreciate this by gifting him/her a stuffed animal maker kit. Through learning the art of sewing, the precision and efforts it takes to make a gorgeous toy your child will learn to appreciate the creation of his own hard work.

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