Valentine’s day activities for preschoolers

A sprinkle of inspiration for Valentine’s day activities for preschoolers:

  • If your kid is into origami and crafting- learning how to make a heart-shaped envelope can be quite a challenge. On a more simple note- try making themed cards, or gift boxes. Paint it, shape it, let your artistry shine!🌟
  • For our upcoming chefs… Make some Valentine’s day themed sweets! Bake some cupcakes, play with sprinkles, or… make a heart-shaped pie? We think you can do it all.💪
  • And on a more romantic note- get to know each other. Grab your little ones’ company, and play games, all while discovering each others’ favorite Disney characters, colors, and favorite foods.Celebrate the day of love, be creative & artsy, and most of all, fill your closest ones with lots of affection!🥳

With love💛,qollorette