How To Spend The Long Fall Nights With Your Children at Home?

Short days and cold air temperatures have brought us back inside. The evenings are long and dark. This time of the year is ideal for families to come and spend time together inside the house.

While Fall also offers a lot of outdoor activities, this post will share the ideas you can try on rainy or cold days when you choose to stay home.

Benefits of family nights

Your children will love these nights not only because of play, but also because they will get to spend more time with their parents. In busy everyday lives you get caught up with tasks and to-do lists, so there isn’t enough time to relax and play with your children. 

Even one evening per week can make a difference. It can be Friday, when you leave the working week behind, and everyone can stay up a little longer.

This is the perfect opportunity to connect as a family. Children, who feel connected to their parents, will behave better at home, have better social skills, make more friends and in the future they have stronger relationships with their partners.

Fun nights spent together as a family will also leave happy memories for your child.

Ideas for a fun family night

Below are some fun ideas you can try.

  • Movie night. Choose a family movie or prepare a movie marathon, and don’t forget plenty of snacks. Adults can unwind and relax while having fun with their children.
  • Cook dinner together. Children love to join adults in preparing meals, so you can pick a recipe that would be simple and everyone could take part in. One idea we suggest – prepare a pizza.
  • Board games. There are board games suitable for children of different ages. Choose one with rules that would be understandable to a child, but also one which doesn’t become boring after playing for a while. You can also try to assemble puzzles together.
  • Creative time. Creativity relieves stress and helps our brain to create new ideas. Both children and adults should make time to be creative every day. We recommend using colouring set – a good activity for the whole family. Colouring sets usually comes with all craft supplies included – colored pencils, wax crayons, stickers.

Take Full Advantage of Cold Autumn Evening

Long Fall nights are for parents to connect with their children. It would make a whole difference if you could leave even one evening per week to spend together as a family. Choose activities that you can do together on the family evening – a qollorette coloring roll is a good idea to start with.