How To Keep Children Entertained While You Work From Home

The pandemic has changed our lives completely. What seemed like a chance to spend more time with the family, became a nightmare to parents who had to juggle work from home, childcare, and household. 

With daycares and schools closed it proved to be challenging. We understand the struggle and came up with some ideas that will keep your little ones entertained while you are focusing on work.

Encourage Outdoor Play

When the weather allows, bring your laptop or mobile phone to the backyard and allow your children to play while you type or talk. A pair or more children will soon fall into a game of tag. Some fresh air will benefit everyone, and keep the children active at the same time.

Activities For Indoors

  • Our coloring roll will keep a single child or several children occupied for a longer period of time. Make space on a big table or somewhere on the floor to roll it out and allow them to emerge in the creative process.
  • Car playmats or train tracks will keep children entertained by moving toys around in an imagined city.
  • Shape sorting toy or puzzles. Depending on your child’s age, a baby might be interested in placing the right shapes into their places, whereas a toddler would focus on building a puzzle together.
  • Sometimes special toys are unnecessary and games can be created from everyday items. Set up an indoor ‘’camping area’’, use outdoor treasures, like rocks and leaves, paint and sheets of paper to create art.