How Do Room Colours Affect Children?

Colours affect our brain and feelings. Various studies have shown the benefits of colours in developing the brain, creativity, productivity and learning. Especially the importance of colours is seen in children development. Different colours can evoke different emotions, ranging from excitement to sadness or calmness.

Colours are an integral part of children lifes because through colours, they express themselves in drawings and colouring pages. Parents should pay attention to the meaning of colours and their impact on children when designing a child’s room as the environment plays a vital role in children lives.

The interior of a children room is crucial because it has to be attractive and entertaining, protect the sleep of your little ones, educate and develop their brains. Let’s discuss how primary colours affect children minds.


Red is a stimulating and intense colour that is not suitable for very anxious or active children because it can increase their level of anxiety or hyperactivity. However, red energizes and helps children focus, so it can be helpful to paint the walls of the classroom in this colour. It is good to mix colours and use red just as an accent to brighten the interior.


Green is a colour of nature that brings freshness into a room. Many schools choose this colour in their classrooms because it boosts reading ability and comprehension. According to scientists, green is a calming colour that fills us with this piece and relaxation.


Yellow brings sunny feelings to any room. Studies have shown that yellow increases concentration, memory recall and motivation. Yellow can be mixed with green and blue to highlight its positive features.


Usually, parents choose blue for boys rooms, but it can be beneficial for both genders. Blue has a calming and reassuring effect on children. You can accessorize the room with red and yellow colours and add them to blue walls.

As we can see, various colours can impact children’s mood, motivation, comprehension and even increase or lower blood pressure, pulse, muscle tension and many other factors. This is why we should be wisely choosing colours while designing our littles one’s room.