Kids love gifts of any type, don’t they! And we always want to give to our kids something that is valuable, fun and safe. The best gifts for kids help them experience the world in the exciting ways. Something that is versatile and can develop a range of different skills for kids is always the best thing. And of course, the best present is something that is really engaging and gives lots of play over time. This is not only good for kids, but also can keep parents relaxed too.

Here are the top picks for such gifts for kids:


Paint, water colour, washable finger paint, paper, craft paper, sticks, pom-poms, playdough, masking tape, scissors, recycled paper and other materials or any kind, crayons, glue, marker pens, colored pencils stickers, straws, cloths. The list is endless, but all these items offer limitless opportunities to create something amazing. This develops creativity and endless opportunities to try something new.


This type of products encourages open ended play where blocks can be used for a variety of games. So this is very versatile gift that is also suitable for a very wide age range.


Movement is very important for kids! So anything that enables kids to perform some kind of physical activity is great.


Colouring is a great activity for a child of any age. It is very engaging, and it develops a range of skills – from fine motors skills to creativity and patience. The best colouring sets are the ones that have nice illustrations, durable and good quality paper.