Kids parties is exciting thing, isn’t it? Also, hard work as well. But everything is possible. And good planning is the key. First of all, decide the party theme. Then, set the budget. Write up a guest list. Next, choose venue if necessary. And then start thinking about kids’ activities. This is very important part. Because this is not only the main thing that will create the whole party experience for kids, but also it is very important for parents. Only when kids are occupied, having lots of fun and are safe, parents can sit back and have some time for themselves.

So here are some versatile kid and toddler activities for parties that are sure to keep them busy and most important – excited!

  • Hired entertainment. This is always easy and really good option. It can match party theme and it is always very engaging and fun for kids.
  • Treasure hunt. Really engaging and most importantly rewarding.
  • Musical chairs. This is a classical game. It can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Adults can play the game too, if they are up for it.
  • Dress up game. Which kid doesn’t like to become a prince or a superhero!
  • Arts & crafts. This is very engaging and fun activity for all ages.
  • Colouring. Why not to get a huge colouring poster that all kids can colour at the same time! Colouring is such an engaging activity for all ages. You can even get a colouring set with cute stickers and temporary tattoos that are an extra fun, isn’t it!